Fixing Our Finances – Repairing Our Services
Rebuilding Our Economy

PST Reduced

Our PST reduction will save over $500 a year for the average family of four.

Increasing Investments in Health Care, Education

We have increased spending in Health by $414 million, Education by $424 million and in Families by $236 million. We are the only province with reduced ER wait times, and have had ambulance fees reduced by 50%. We have added seven new schools with childcare centres.

Investing in Strategic Infrastructure

We’ve surpassed our commitment to invest more than $1 billion in strategic infrastructure annually.

Reducing the Budget Deficit

Since the NDP’s last budget in 2015, we have reduced the deficit by over $500 million. We are on track to balance the budget in our second term.

"I support lowering the PST to 7%"

I support lowering the PST